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Song of Solomon Scripture Songs - Song of Solomon

Song of Songs

   The book Song of Solomon, a story of love between Christ and his Church, is the theme of this recording; with male lead vocals, classical guitar and light orchestration. By Theodore James Turner.

Song Listing

   The song of songs which is Solomon's... so begins the Bible's most beautiful poetical work, the Song of Solomon. With rich imagery Solomon portrays the heart longing, devotion and love between a shepherd and a poor maiden. The idiom may seem odd at first to our western ears but it is hard not to get caught up in the drama and expectancy that they both feel. And as one reads deeper into the text, the old testament allusions help us to see more than an ancient romance; we see a fitting representation of God's expectancy and longing to be completely united with His people.

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   1. I Am Come Into My Garden. Solomon's Song 5:1

   2. Thou Art Beautiful. Solomon's Song 6:4, 10, 13

   3. Set Me As A Seal. Solomon's Song 8:6, 7

   4. I Was Asleep. Solomon's Song 5:2, 3, 4, 5, 6

   5. Take Us The Foxes. Solomon's Song 2:15, 16

   6. Come My Beloved. Solomon's Song 7:11, 12

   7. Return, O Shulamite. Solomon's Song 6:13

   8. Awake, O North Wind. Solomon's Song 4:16, 15

   9. My Beloved Spake. Sol. Song 2:10, 11, 12, 13

  10. Let Him Kiss Me. Solomon's Song 1:2, 3, 4

  11. Let Us Be Glad. Revelation 19: 7 

All songs are from the King James Bible.


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