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Scripture Songs I

   This King James Bible music offers twenty eight Bible promises, and many Psalms, which each family member can enjoy. The music is simple which gives emphasis to the Bible passages sung. Features female lead vocals and guitar. All lyrics from the King James Bible.

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   “The music changes you with it’s healing power. I love it.”   B.C. Canada

  "The Scripture Songs CDs are every bit as wonderful as I imagined and a TOTAL blessing to our home. Thank you. You have been faithful in good service, and according to God's Word you will reap as you sow. Be blessed! Thank you for your ministry!!!!" IN

   "We now have all of the CDs and the music has been, and still is, a great help to us in our Christian walk. Thanks so much for being devoted vessels of Jesus to do this." U.S.

   "It's a blessing to hear God's KJV in music!" AK

   "I appreciate so much these Scripture Songs, they have been a blessing for me. Thank you." TX

   "I have looked for YEARS for anointed music without drums and background distractions...and even did explicit searches for KJV Scripture music. I found you and ordered volume I and have been extremely blessed by it since I received it. I would like to order the rest of them. God bless you both as you spread the Word of God through your anointed music!" IA

   "What a blessing your work has been! We ordered Scripture Songs I from a homeschool outlet, and have played it almost onstantly." TX

   "My family meets with about 6 or 7 other families in a home, where we fellowship on Sundays and have a meeting of believers, or church as most call the assembly of believers. We sing and play the Scripture Songs often, along with other hymns and songs. They really add a peace and enjoyment to our time of fellowship. Thanks and God Bless all of you!" U.S.

   "I have your Scripture Songs I and love it. Praise God for your excellent work. A great way to memorize KJV verses. My 2 and 5 year old memorized a song for VBS from your CD!!" U.S.

  "I just bought Scripture Songs I from a second hand store and am thrilled about it. I saw it and wondered if I should take a chance on it. Boy am I sure glad I did, I just love it. I spent over $150.00 on things that day and by FAR the best purchase was your music. Thank you. Are there more? If so I would love to have them in my home." MI

   “Scripture Song I was given to a patient that is terminal and when he is in excruciating pain he listens to the songs. The songs relax him and together with medicine the pain decreases.”  GA

   “I ordered Scripture Songs and love it!” AK

   1. Have Not I Commanded Thee; Joshua 1:9

   2. Give Ear To My Words; Psalm 5:1-3

   3. The Law Of The Lord; Psalms 19:7-10, 14

   4. I Will Bless The Lord; Psalms 34:1, 4, 6, 8

   5. I Waited Patiently; Psalms 40:1, 3, 5, 17

   6. Create In Me A Clean Heart; Ps. 51:10, 11, 12

   7. He That Dwelleth; Psalm 91: 1-4

   8. Make A Joyful Noise; Psalm 100:1-4

   9. Trust In The Lord; Proverbs 3:5, 6, 7, 11

  10. Let Us Reason Together; Isaiah 1:18

  11. They That Wait; Is. 40:31; 41:10    

  12. O Israel, Fear Not; Isaiah 43:1, 2

  13. So Shall My Word Be; Isaiah 55:11, 12

  14. Arise Shine; Isaiah 60:1

  15. A New Heart Will I Give; Ezekiel 36:26-28, 38

  16. He Has Showed Thee; Micah 6:8

  17. Come Unto Me; Matthew 11:28, 29, 30

  18. For I Am Persuaded; Romans 8:38, 39

  19. I Beseech You Therefore; Romans 12:1, 2

  20. Until We All Come In Unity; Ephesians 4:13

  21. Being Confident; Philippians 1:6

  22. Whatsoever Things Are True; Philippians 4:8

  23. Every Good Gift; James 1:17-20

  24. Wisdom That Is From Above; James 3:17

  25. Submit Yourselves; James 4:7, 8

  26. Humble Yourselves; James 4:10

  27. Behold, What Manner of Love; I John 3:1

  28. Unto Him That Is Able; Jude 24

All songs are from the King James Bible.

Song Listing

   The Scriptures, clothed in simple melody, are a source of strength, comfort, and peace; truly a spiritual feast. Scripture Songs I is the result of God's work of restoration in our lives. It's genesis represents the start of a ministry, and an opportunity to share God's blessings with others. Through song, the simplicity of the Gospel message can be easily taught to each member of the family. May God richly bless you as you endeavor to bind these songs of faith in your heart. Psalm 119:11


  “We have had the Scripture Song 1 for over 14 years and love it. I find myself even after all these years singing the Scripture in my head. What a blessing. Thank you so much.”  FL

   “A friend gave us one of your cds and my husband and I listen and sing along with them when we are driving in the car. My husband is also learning to play along with them on his guitar for around the camp fires in the summer.”  ON

  “I have been so blessed by your music. As a long distance trucker, your music gives many hours of listening pleasure and I am growing in His grace.”  FL

   “The music is wonderful! I am so excited to use it. We learn a new memory verse each month in sunday school and we are going to use the songs. It is so much easier for the children to learn the verses when they are to music. Thank you so much.” U.S.

   "No words can express the gratitude I feel for this pure, sweet KJV Bible music. I keep giving away my copies as gifts, so I need to get some more. Thank you! U.S.

   “I have Scripture Songs I and boy do I use it in hard times with my health. What a blessing.”  OR 

  “The songs are wonderful and I am learning the Scriptures. Overall, I believe the Scripture Songs are an excellent source for learning the Scriptures. I will continue to recommend your music to others.”  ID

  “We bought the first cd and absolutely love it. My four year old walks around singing Scripture all the time now. I appreciate your ministry greatly. Thank you!!! God’s blessing to you as you work for the Lord.” ME

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13. Is. 55

8. Ps. 100

18. Rom. 8