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Scripture Songs IV

  Easy listening music. The sowing of the gospel seed and it's affect on the heart is the focus of this recording. The music features all Bible passages with female lead vocals, classical guitar, grand piano, 12-string guitar and light orchestration.  Very relaxing and soothing music for the soul.

   “I love your music! It ministers to my Spirit.” PA

   “The wonderful bible promises in song carried me through the hardest phases in my life.” Germany

   “We have the first album and my wife and I are filled with God’s spirit when listening to it.” CA

   “We really, really, enjoy the Scripture Songs. We’ve found it’s a great way to memorize the verses. Thank you.” TN

   "I feel as if I know you although we have never met. I have been so blessed by your Scripture Songs. Thank you so very much. I have all 5 and I am wondering if you have plans to make a sixth one? I work at a very worldly job and find myself singing the songs of Scripture you have set to music throughout the day. They strengthen and encourage me. I play them in the car and my son has memorized many of them. Blessings." U.S.

   “Beautiful music, from the heart. Thanks.”  AZ

   “I have been enjoying your Scripture Song IV for years now. Thank you for your dedication and for sharing the gifts the Lord has blessed you with!” CA

   “The Scripture Song cds are inspired. Through them I have heard God’s voice in amazing ways. This type of music is scarcer than hen’s teeth. Most christian music is either inappropriate, or boring, but the Scripture Songs cds draw me to Jesus and keep me there.

The great controversy theme is evident through the verses and tunes used. Some things are almost impossible to describe in words but somehow the Lord causes us to understand what we need to and He did just that through the music. These cds are very healing for those who have been traumatized. I hope and pray that more heavenly music will be imparted to God’s people as the final events transpire. What an impression those songs have made on my spirit! Thank you for the music and I hope you make more.” US

   “Just what I was looking for! I want to listen to Christian music for enjoyment, but I want it scriptural. Something I can enjoy while at the same time having the accuracy and saving grace of God’s Word. Fantastic! Your music is beautiful. I don’t know if it is possible to wear out a CD, but I will find out.”  OK

   “It’s such an inspiration, timeless and what can be better than knowing you Scriptures! We love all your songs Patti.”  NY

   “Thank you so much for recording these songs. We had bought Scripture Songs I, and as a surprise my brother an I bought SS IV for the family. We’ve had it less than two weeks and I’ve listened to it almost twenty times already. It is some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard.”  PA

   “I am here at my desk just in awe. I happened to come across you site. This has to be the Holy Spirit that lead me to this web site. I am here just smiling because I cannot believe it. To come across this site that has Bible text in song is just awesome, unbelievable. I am excited. Thank you.”  U.S. 

   “The Scripture Songs are a blessing to me and I try to listen to the Word sung every day for my edification. On many occasions when the same Scriptures are preached, I recall the song and melody.”  NC

   1. Some Trust In Chariots; Psalm 20:7,8

   2. Give Ear, O Shepherd; Psalm 80:1-3

   3. Ps. 119:129-132,145-148,165-169, 174,175,172

   4. I Was Glad; Psalm 122

   5. When The Lord Turned Again; Psalm 126

   6. Except The Lord Build The House; Psalm 127

   7. To Every Thing There Is Season; Ecc. 3:1-8, 11

   8. Rose of Shar; S of S. 2:1,10, 11-14, 16; 4:7; 6:10

   9. Seek Ye The Lord; Isaiah 55:6

  10. Let Not The Wise Man; Jeremiah 9:23, 24

  11. When Israel Was A Child; Hosea 11:1; 6:1

  12. Sow To Yourselves; Hosea 10:12

  13. Peace I Leave With You; John 14:27

  14. For he hath made him to be sin; II Cor. 5:21

  15. Let nothing be done through strife; Phil. 2:3-8

  16. That at the name of Jesus; Philippians 2:10, 11

All songs are from the King James Bible.

Song Listing

   In the spiritual as well as the natural world, a work must be done. The breaking up of the fallow ground, the careful cleansing of the soil, and the planting of the life giving seed is the labor of the master sower. This precious seed buried in the field of the heart is meant to produce a rich harvest of faith, love, and kindness. It is in the growth of this fruit that the harvest is made bountiful. There is nothing more powerful than the good seed sown in the heart, and it is to this end that our lifework should aim.

       "Your music is the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Truly wonderful. A friend gave me a tape 7 years ago and we have been trying to find you ever since. We saw the music in a catalogue and thought it must be you. It was, and we are so happy. Just had to call to say how thankful we are to have found you again. God Bless." Ont. Canada


    "First of all I want to thank you for the music you offer. We have Scripture Songs I-V and we still enjoy listening to them after 6 years of having them. We sing these Scripture Songs a lot, and count it a privilege to be able to memorize so many Scriptures. It is very useful and nice to know many verses by heart. My family is very thankful we have found your music." N.B. Canada


    "A young lady in our office plays these CDs on "stressful days". They have a very relaxing and calming effect." NC


    "I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful music. I just received the CDs in the mail on Tues. (very fast). I put # IV in my alarm clock to surprise my wife when she woke up. She loved it so much she took it out to listen in her car on the way to work. There's something very powerful about God's word spoken, sang, and shared with others. Blessing to you in Jesus name." U.S.


    "Thank you. God bless you for this beautiful music." TX


  “This music is really a blessing for me because of the very fine and peaceful way of interpreting the scriptures. The language of the scripture text is talking the same way as the ‘language’ in the music itself. You can feel it and it can even be measured in a physical way.”  Germany


    "Several years ago when I was a little girl my family was given a set of your Scripture Song tapes. They were such an inspiration to me! It's been three years since the second last tape wore out. Today I still have Scripture Songs III, and it's still hanging in there. How often I miss the rest of the tapes that wore out...especially Scripture Songs IV. Just recently I was at a friend's house and noticed they had SS IV on the CD player...I was soooo over-joyed that I asked my friend if I could put it in and listen again to all the familiar songs! You folks are doing a wonderful job....please keep up the good work. It has been such a spiritual blessing to me. I just want to thank you folks for stepping out and putting Bible texts into song. May God bless you." MB Canada

   “I just want to thank you for your ministry in song. I thank God for you daily as I sing along with the Scripture Songs. All the music is so beautiful.”  FL

   “I have been reprograming my mind with these CDs. Through them I have a deeper hunger for Jesus. I am curious about the song ‘When Israel was a child’... as time passed I began to see that my life story fit those combined verses. I know God had that song made for all His people but it has been a tremendous comfort to me as I am going through some tough times. Thanks for your ministry and I hope that there are more albums to come.”  U.S.

   “When I heard your music and your voice I knew this was God. Thank you for your faithfulness in serving the Lord as you do. I am so grateful that the Lord lead me to your site.”  TX

   “Thanks for the blessing you have been through this music.”  AB Canada



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9. Is. 55

11. Hos 11

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