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    We love personal testimonies as they are among the most powerful witnesses of a loving Creator. These, faith building, real life stories are entertaining and a true blessing for the entire family.

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   After being shot down over Germany during W.W. II James Harris faced huge life and death obstacles. His chances for survival were very slim. Find out the amazing miracles God performed to pull him through hell on earth, and how James was able to find life's true purpose and meaning.

James Harris WW II

   Being a Christian missionary during the Korean war can be exciting, very exciting. Then, having to evacuate from Seoul while the Communist tanks are rolling in is just plain electrifying. These thrilling stories of faith are sure to strengthen your walk with God.

Cecil Williams Korean War

   How does a poor immigrant to Canada end up owning one of the largest non-union construction firms in California, as well as 250 race horses costing up to  $250,000.00 each? Find out how God was able to break through the intoxication of wealth and power to get his attention.

Gunter Zimmer  American Dream

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