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Call To Him

   Beautiful Christian Folk music. God's infinite love for us and our need of a Savior are brought forth in a peaceful contemporary folk style. These original songs by Rudy Davis are extremely rich lyrically and musically satisfying. Rudy became a christian after a 30 year career as a professional musician.

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   1. I Want To Be Like Jesus

   2. Come Follow Me

   3. Praying Child

   4. Isn't He Beautiful

   5. Call To Him

   6. The Prayer

   7. Jesus Kept On Loving Me

   8. Pride

   9. Here I Am

  10. Gethsemane

  11. Lord, We Praise Your Name

Song Listing

  This album is dedicated to all those who may feel like giving up on their Christian all who are feeling lonely and all who may think that God has given up on them. It is my prayer, that by listening to the songs on this album, you will see more clearly and understand more deeply the love of God for a fallen, sinful race. May you be encouraged to "Call to Him" with your every care, need and desire. Rudy Davis


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1. Jesus

10. Geth.

8. Pride