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Songs of the Shepherd

     Christian easy listening music. Scripture texts with Christ as the Shepherd of the sheep are presented in a unique blend of male lead vocals, classical guitar and recorder. Album by Theodore James Turner. Christian easy listening heavenly music. Formerly titled "He Shall Feed His Flock".

  “I looked for years for (good) KJV direct quote scripture memory songs. I have 3 little children. I play this for them during the day and especially at night when they're falling asleep. We are loving our new find!! We will enjoy it for years to come!! I think I'll order many and give them as baby shower presents! I already ordered a CD for a friend who was asking me just days after I found you. I was excited to have your name to share with her. Thank you so much for your ministry. May the Lord continue to bless you for this.” US

  1.  He Shall Feed. Is. 40:11; Jn 10:11,27 Ez. 34:12

   2. And The Work Of Righteousnes. Is. 32:17,18,16

   3. Even So We. Galatians 4:3,4,5

   4. Behold, The Days Come. Jeremiah 23:5,6; 22:29

   5. Harvest. Jer. 8:20,21,22; 9:1; 8:19 Lam 1:12,16

   6. So We Thy People. Psalms 79:13; 80:1,3,5

   7. Feed Thy People. Micah 7:14

   8. For Thus Saith The High And Lofty One.Is 57:15

   9. Surely I Will Not Come. Psalm 132:3,4,5,8,13,14

  10. Rejoice Not Against Me. Micah 7:8,7,9

  11. He Hath Made The Earth. Jeremiah 10:12,6,13

  12. Hast Thou Not Known? Isaiah 40:28-31

  13. Now The God Of Peace. Hebrews 13:20,21

All songs are from the King James Bible.

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   One of the most familiar metaphors of Scripture is that of the Shepherd. The 23rd Psalm (The Lord is my Shepherd) being one of the most memorized. In this recording of Scripture Songs I have leaned heavily upon the metaphor of God feeding us as a shepherd feeds his sheep. The music and arrangements are simple and the words of Scripture are from the King James Bible.

   "Thank you for making such beautiful music available." NJ

   “We have listened to your music for several years and have been very blessed by it. It touches our hearts and encourages us when we listen. Our four year old daughter enjoys it as well. We thank God for the blessing of this music.”  AK

   “We LOVE your CDs!!! Can’t get enough of Songs of the Shepherd. It has comforted me and my little ones on many a night when they have been sick and unable to sleep! THANK YOU, and we hope to see more KJV Scripture Songs produced in the near future.”  KY 


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3. Gal. 4

8. Is. 57

9. Ps. 132