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La Harpé

   Peaceful and elevating Christian instrumental harp music by Isabelle Ruy of Paris France. This album is soothing, relaxing, and musically interesting. Many are richly blessed by the peace of mind this recording offers.

   1.  The Samaritan

   2. The Veil Rent in Twain

   3. Holy Spirit

   4. Abiding Life

   5. Living Water

   6. Lonely Voices

   7. Dream Dreams

   8. We Have Come to the Land

   9. Ruach

  10. Green Sleeves

  11. Largo

  12. The Lost Paradise

  13. O Sacred Head How Wounded

  14. Inspiration

Song Listing

   Harp music, when played in accordance with God's law of love, has the unique ability to refresh the mind and lift one's spirit. This is demonstrated to us in God's Word, I Samuel 16:23, when David, the son of Jesse, brought peace to King Saul's troubled soul through melodies from his harp.

The concert harp, as played by Isabelle Ruy of Paris, France, is a small taste of the peace of mind that is available to us through a living relationship with Jesus Christ. May your thoughts drift heavenward as the ambiance of God's love envelopes you through the playing of La Harpe.


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1. Samarit

12. Paradise

3. Spirit