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   Walk with God all day long, meditating on His Word in Song.

   Are you looking for KJV Bible songs that will elevate your thoughts to the courts of heaven? Scripture Songs that will give you great peace and joy? Folk Bible songs that your children will love and memorize for a lifetime of blessing!

Then you have come to the right place.

    * KJV Bible passages sung to beautiful music.

    * Peaceful folk songs.

    * Bible promises come alive.

    * Excellent lead vocals.

    * Enjoyed by the entire family.

    * Simple, powerful, and extremely spiritual.

   Thousands of families have been drawn closer to God through this music, Yours can too.

   “These are my very, very, favorite CDs. I have bought other music and was usually disappointed. When I heard these I knew I found what I was looking for. Thank you so much.”  TX

   “When you sing God’s Word it stays in your heart.” Australia

   “I believe it’s the best ever! Absolutely fabulous! NY

   “This is the most beautiful music I have heard. I sense the Holy Spirit when I play them. They really make me relaxed and calm. Thank you.”  NJ

  “I want to thank you for the myriad of blessings your inspired music has brought to my soul.”  U.S.

  “I can not tell you how much I love this music. It truly is blessed by, sent by, and anointed by God. I find it completely on another level spiritually. It makes Christianity intimate and real, just Heavenly. I have not heard music like this before. It is like having a brand new Christian experience. Thank you so much for bringing forth such a blessing.” LA

   “Your music is blessing and transforming lives around the globe, keep up the good work.” UK

   “My husband gave me your Scripture Songs for my birthday. I am enjoying listening to them very much. When I wake in the morning, or even in the middle of the night the Scripture Songs are the first thing that come to my mind. God’s Word is so precious. I have learned to appreciate it even more through your Scripture Songs. Thank you.” NE

   “Thank you so much for Scripture Songs! It’s terrific to have good KJV music!!!  U.S.

   “I just wanted to thank you for your songs of Scripture. You don’t know what a blessing they are in my life! Thank you.” Ab. Canada

   “I love your voice and the sensitivity of your melodies!”  AZ

   “A friend of mine lent me your Scripture Song CD's. Praise the Lord for sound scriptural music which truly is a blessing for the body, the soul, and the spirit! Our entire family LOVES these CD's. There is a very peaceful and calm spirit in the home whenever we play them. Our young children have already memorized several passages of scripture by singing along. In light of much of what passes for "Christian" music today, your recordings are truly refreshing.” NY

   “We LOVE your music! Thank you.” MD

   “What a magnificent gift to hear God’s Word, His very own thoughts, in the form of such wholesome and uplifting music. Please put more of His words to music. It is the most powerful way to memorize Scripture and what a blessing it has been for me.” MD

   “It’s an answered prayer to find this site and music available. Thank you!”  TX

   “My family and I are totally blessed by your music. Thank you so much for providing uplifting Scripture Songs with no rock and roll beat.” NY

   “Beautiful and up lifting music, praise the Lord! Thanks again. God bless.”  Australia

   “We bought several Scripture Song albums before my husband was deployed in Iraq for 1 year. The songs soothed our souls and gave us courage as a family. Your music went into Iraq on a laptop and was a blessing for my husband. It helps us focus on what’s important. Thank you for your ministry to others.” WA

   “I love my new music. Thank you.”  MA

   “We use your Scripture Song CDs to teach our congregation the Scriptures. The church elders have them in their cars and listen to them all the time. It sure beats the other wordly music that is out there. Thank you.”  AL

   “Love your stuff.”  NY

   “When I listen to your music it is like a drink of cool water on a hot day. So refreshing. It just pours God’s spirit into my soul. Thank you for making such beautiful music.”  FL

   “I love Scripture Songs!!! Thank you so much for this ministry!!!”  MA

   “Your recordings have been a huge blessing and inspiration to me. Thank you!!”  VA

   “Your music has so blessed our home. We have your CDs playing all the time and love the peace the Scriptures bring. We and our baby love to sleep to the songs too! Thank you and keep up the great work!”  VA

   “I really like these KJV Scripture Songs.”  U.S.

   “Thank you for loving Jesus and sharing His word in song. I am currently in school after years of being a mother. It is so time consuming and sometimes I feel like I’m losing sight of Jesus. I have your cds to play in my car going to and from work and school. They help my stay close to Him. I love to share Jesus but know that to truly share Him we have to know Him. Keeping His word in our hearts is the way to know Him. Scripture Songs help me do that. Thank you very much.”  OH

   “I am very happy I found your music. I enjoy every song and feel like I am in Heaven. Thank you.”  NY

   “We have several of your Scripture Songs CDs and enjoy listening to them while learning Scripture. We love the fact that they are verses taken from the beloved King James Bible.”  PA

  “Finally, Scripture in songs that are pleasing to the ear. May God richly bless your ministry.”  WA

   “Thank you for your beautiful music! I enjoy playing the flute with the songs. Your music is different and inspiring. My sister can’t stop listening.”  CA

   “Your work has been of tremendous blessing for my life.”  Chile

   “Thank you for sending the CDs. We are using them on our Christian radio station. The people really like your music!”  AK

  “This music is truly a treasure and a rare find. Patti sings like an angel. This message is so clear and beautiful. We are richly blessed to have found them.”  MA

   “I think Scripture Songs are the most wonderful songs in the world.”  IL

   "I have about 50 Scripture Song albums in my collection, from searching all over the internet, and your Scripture Songs are BY FAR the BEST." LA

   “I just absolutely love your music. I think it is the best kept secret in the Christian community. I can’t say enough good things about it. I am telling everyone I know.”  PA

   “Love the music. Love that it is KJV. Praise the Lord. Wow, thank you.”  TX

   "I really love your Scripture Songs, they're so pure and simple - quite a relief from what seems to be popular today." Pastor NH

   "I must tell you again how precious your Scripture Songs have been to me, they are the ONLY thing I play in my car, especially on long trips. The promises are imbedded in my mind." WA

   “I just love the Scripture Songs. They are awesome.”  Sask. Canada

   "We have your Scripture Song CDs. I have been SO blessed. It is amazing how Scripture set to music can stick in our minds with little effort on our part." CA

   “It is so nice to start my day with Scripture Songs.”  IN

   "Praise the Lord for such beautiful music! Thanks for all your work." TX

   "My family loves Scripture Songs I-V. I hope you do more in the future. They are the best Scripture Songs we have found. Well done." MO

   "Thanks so much! We love the songs!” TN

   “Let me tell you, I just absolutely love these Scripture Songs. They have literally changed my life. I find it hard to go back to any other music as these Scripture Songs are so spiritual and uplifting. Words can not express my enthusiasm. Thank you so much.”  WI

   “Your music is such a blessing!”  TN

   “Thank you so much for the uplifting God centered music, especially given our world’s current situation. We NEED reminders of God’s love and care for our family!”  MO


   “Thank you so much for the CD. I played it right away. Wonderful! Praise God for good music.” MN US

   “I was searching for Bible passages set to music for my children to effortlessly learn Scripture. When I saw your web site I was interested. When I listened to the music clips I was amazed... beautiful, rhythmic, peaceful, and technically accurate music that ministered to my spirit and calmed my soul. Thank you!” A mom and piano teacher from MI

   “Thank you! Thank you! I was so excited to find your Scripture Songs CD's.

   “I had your music from years ago and they have been slowly lost or broken. I have been so disillusioned with even some of the hymns of late, even the old ones and remembered there is someone out there doing the most sane and glorifying music! I hoped you had a web site and so I found you. When I listened to some of your music again the kids came running and a peace filled us all. Not only is it the best music but the instruments and female voice are the BEST I have ever heard. Thank you.”  AB Canada

   “Unbelievably beautiful!” PA

   “Words can not express how much of a blessing this music has been for me. I love sharing them with my friends. Thank you so much.”  UK

   “I have listened to the Scripture Songs for many years. Praise God for the power of His word in our lives.”  U.S.

   “I have been looking for music like this for over two years. I am excited in my find.”  OR

   “Thanks for making great KJV music!!”  CO

   “I have enjoyed the CDs so much and am learning to sing along when I play them. Scripture Songs are wonderful to listen to over and over again. Thank you.”  MD

   “These songs sound so peaceful and soothing.” IA

   “I had to write to tell you that this is the most beautiful music that we have ever heard! Your music just ministers to me and my husband so much. It is exactly what we have looked for! What a ministry you have. I don’t know of any other like it. Keep up your great work for Jesus. I am sure your music is an encouragement and a blessing to all who listen to it!”  NC

   “We love the Scripture Songs. Thank you.” MT

   “God bless you. I am so excited about singing Scripture I can not tell you the joy it brings many of us in our church. When I put this music on I know I am being filled with manna from Heaven as I praise. So how can you ask for more.”  PA

   “Thank you! You are one of the rare gems.”  IA

   “Thank you for sharing the blessing of your voice to hungry Christians. Your songs are truly part of God’s nourishment for our souls.”  PA

   “I have been very blessed by your music, and desire with all my heart that your keep the elevated standard! God Bless you richly!”  GA

   “Our family has been deeply blessed by these Scripture Song albums. Many times while being tempted, a ‘Thus sayeth the Lord’ would come to mind via a Scripture Song that I have learned from you. Thank you.”  NY  

  “My husband and I love your Scripture Songs so much. They are so heartfelt and uplifting. Thank you for such God honoring music!!  TX

   “I love this music and it’s folk style. It is so refreshing and I’m learning Scripture the fun way. Thank you for putting out such a blessing in music.”  GA

   “Thank you for your music. It has already been such a blessing. So calming and beautiful! Of course, the Word of God is beautiful! I am so glad to have found KJV Scripture Songs. God Bless.” TX

   “Thank you so much for producing beautiful, wholesome, Christian music.”  OR

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